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Sinyi District Household Registration Office,Keelung


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Service items

1 Registration of Indigenous People Status and Tribes
2 Birth Registration
3 Registration of Parentage
4 Adoption Registration
5 Adoption Termination Registration
6 Marriage Registration
7 Divorce Registration
8 Registration of legal Guardianship
9 Assistance Registration
10 Registration of Exercising Responsibility of the Right and Obligation for the Minor Children
11 Death/Death Announcement Registration
12 Initial Household Registration
13 Moving-in Registration
14 Moving-out Registration
15 Address Alteration Registration
16 Separation/ Combination of Household Registration
17 Birthplace Registration
18 Alteration Registration
19 Correction Registration
20 Revocation Registration
21 Annulment Registration
22 Name Change Registration
23 Initial Issuance/ Replacement/ Re-issuance of Identification Card
24 Initial Issuance/ Replacement/ Re-issuance of Household Certificate
25 Household Certificate Transcript Issuance
26 Household Registration Record Browsing
27 Address Assignment and Plate Installation
28 Address Plate Certificate
29 Seal Registration
30 Change/ Annulment of Registered Seal
31 Seal Certificate
Sinyi District Household Registration Office,Keelung
Address¡GNo.6, Xin 1st Rd., Xinyi Dist., Keelung City
Office Hours Monday ~ Friday 8:00AM ~ 17:30PM Non-Stop Service Through the Lunch Hour