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Sinyi District Household Registration Office,Keelung


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Convenient Service


As an institution which tightly related to people lives, Sinyi District Household Registration Office has always provided the most passionate service. In order to constantly make progress and provide better service, our staffs are trained routinely with professional courses. Nevertheless, we are open to face our defects and mistakes. Any advice or suggestions are welcome, because criticism is the precursor of improvement.


  1. Disabled access ramp is convenient and safe for disable people.
  2. Suggestion box are set at the front door so that anyone can give advice. Once people make advice or have complaint, we¡¦ll react as soon as possible, understanding the certain case and making adjustment. All these details make us become better.
  3. Calling and queuing number system is used to prevent people from waiting in line.
  4. Decreasing the height of counter to 75 centimeters tall to make people feel at ease.
  5. Providing reading glasses, facial tissue, stationery, etc.


  1. Each counter provides one-stop service, as compared to old times when people have to wait for certain counter for certain service, now once people are called, they can get full service at the counter.
  2. Service hour has extended from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., no noon break.
  3. Household certificate transcript is available at any household registration office in Taiwan.
  4. Local people are recruited as volunteers who provide easy guide and tea/coffee service.
  5. Disable people and elders can apply for at-home service.
  6. People can apply household certificate transcript by phone-calling, mailing, or faxing in advance to safe waiting time.
Sinyi District Household Registration Office,Keelung
Address¡GNo.6, Xin 1st Rd., Xinyi Dist., Keelung City
Office Hours Monday ~ Friday 8:00AM ~ 17:30PM Non-Stop Service Through the Lunch Hour